California Trippin’

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I greeted the fall season in California this year. Yes! California! I went to do an intensive training for a practice I’m newly unrolling in November at Source Centre called the Art of Feminine Presence (more on that in a future post) and then I spent a couple of days in West L.A., a place called Venice Beach.

I am always so enriched by, and grateful for, opportunities to explore myself in different environments. I spent many hours by the Pacific ocean just absorbing her roaring beating heart…letting the sun stroke my skin (this is a different sun, I tell you)…drinking in the salty air…taking in the extraordinary beauty of the horizon and the hills and the sky. I took precious time feeling my feelings and grounding my energy.

Whenever I go somewhere I can come back and write a novel of my experiences, the details, and the way I felt and the things that opened up and transformed for me. It’s truly one of the gifts of our time to be able to visit faraway places with relative ease and expense. I stayed at the most beautiful spot, made some new friends and had an amazing time exploring myself through time and space in unfamiliar terrain.

And I came back a different person than I was when I left. In truth, don’t we go to bed each night a different person than the one who awoke that morning? What’s our degree of awareness around it? Do we search it out and welcome it? It can seem a scary thing but so, so worth it.

To be continued…

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