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Some of our favourite compliments at Source Centre are hearing how great it feels to be here or how lucky we are to work here. We feel that way too, very blessed to be here and to share our lives with the wonderful people who step through our door. It is important to us to keep a sacred, beautiful and nurturing space. 

Work is where most of us spend a good, if not the better, chunk of our waking life. If we don’t enjoy being at work, it can take a toll on our health and well-being. Some aspects of our job are going to be unchangeable, however, much of our experience can improve with some simple beautification steps. I believe the trick is to engage our senses in appealing ways. It’s a part of why it feels great to be at Source Centre (click here for pictures of our space). We actively work to bring in and share what’s meaningful and beautiful to us. Here are some ideas:

    • Plants or fresh flowers. Having something alive, vibrant and colourful can do wonders for lifting spirits (and cleaning the air). There are also so many varieties to choose from that it needn’t be too difficult to find one that can grow in whatever setting you find yourself in. Sure, they need to be watered but it’s not as often as you might think and, anyway, what better reason to take a break and a stretch?
    • Pictures. It’s fairly common to see family photos on or around our desks but I say go beyond! (especially if you find that family is in itself a source of stress!) How about pictures of beautiful landscapes or places you’ve visited that have a particular resonance for you? How about inspirational quotes where you can see them? Don’t forget to change the pictures every so often so that you continue to notice them and be inspired or transported.
    • Meaningful objects. This could be treasured gifts or natural items such as unique rocks.
    • Potpourri or essential oils for the scent. Do you have a favourite? Lavender is very relaxing and peppermint can be invigorating. A few drops on a handkerchief, inhale, and you’re set. Try it in place of an afternoon coffee or sugar fix.
    • Crystals. They are beautiful and can diffuse negative energy.  You can’t go wrong with finding a crystal that “speaks” to you. Alternatively, there are many that are great at diffusing negative energy: black tourmaline, amethyst or rose quartz are just a few examples. 
    • Music or soothing sounds. This one may be the most difficult to implement depending on your work set-up but you never know! If the sounds are soothing enough – think gentle piano or natural rushing water sounds – it may be possible that your neighbours don’t notice or that it subconsciously changes behaviour in a positive way. Or maybe you can get away with an ipod now and then. Finding music or sounds that uplift and inspire can work wonders in improving mood and regulating blood pressure.

Got any ideas or things you use? We’d love to hear them… 

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