April 2017 News

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Oh wow, it’s April and the change of season is here! This month, we’re making your entrainments whisper-quiet and adding a new workshop.


Whisper-Quiet Entrainment Room

Last month, we talked about your healing being our first priority. At Source Centre, everyone has access to healing – everybody.

To support your healing, we are making a small change from silence to whisper-quiet entrainments in the entrainment room. Our journals allow most people to write down their observations and questions about their health. When the journals are not accessible, we are happy to have a whisper-quiet conversation in the entrainments room instead.

What does this all mean? We are keeping the entrainment room near-silent, and we are happy to speak with you before and after your entrainment.


Traction Classes at Source

What is traction? Dr. Leo is adding an additional technique to heal your spine. Starting this week, we are doing weekly traction classes at Source. The workshops are hands-on and in 15-30 minutes, you’ll be able to align your spine between your entrainments. Please schedule your traction class with Rekha.

Yours in health,

Dr. Leo



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