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Gifts, appreciation When was the last time you showed appreciation for someone? At Source Centre, it’s something we strive to do on a moment by moment basis. You’ve probably noticed the difference in your body, emotions and thoughts when you show appreciation. Maybe it’s the same when someone appreciates you? It turns out that the positive emotions experienced with appreciation are beneficial to your health. A recent study (click for link) saw that positive emotions improved physical health. Not surprisingly, greater physical health also had a positive effect on emotions. It’s called the Upward Spiral and you can start practicing it right away for the benefit of all.


Some simple guidelines and ideas:

  • No matter what, add a verbal or written expression of appreciation. It really helps someone to see or hear your thoughts of gratitude. For example, you could say why you’re thankful. Or what you’re thankful for. A few words spoken or written can make a world of difference.
  • You may have heard of the Five Love Languages (click to learn more). Consider showing appreciation using the one language that is most strongly experienced by the other person. The five languages are:
    • gifts,
    • quality time,
    • words of affirmation,
    • acts of service, and
    • physical touch
  • Simple gifts include things that can be touched or tasted. Seen or smelled. Even heard. Ever wonder why flowers work so well? They are so beautifully experienced by touch, sight, and smell.
  • My all time favourite expression of appreciation is all at once a gift, quality time spent, an act of service, and usually involves words of affirmation and physical touch too! What is it? A simple slow meal. It amazes me how one can nourish the mind, body and soul with a humble plate of food.

I’m looking for more ways to show appreciation and I think you are too. Please join us on facebook and share your ideas.


Yours in appreciation,

Dr. Leo





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