An Early Taste of Spring

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Titan  Aram It seems most of us have had enough of winter at this point. It’s been extremely cold, snowy, wet, messy. And it goes on! However…

We’ve got some heart-opening and spirited Spring in bloom already here at Source Centre. Have you been by lately to see the beautiful photography on display by the wonderful and talented Tatyana Xsenya? If not, I invite you over because these photos won’t be up for too much longer. And her gorgeous collection of natural photography from her world travels are just the balm for us right now (short of a visit to these warmer climates!).

I’ve spent a couple of months with these images and I’ve been reconsidering which one is my favourite. I thought it was the one titled Athabasca Falls in Morning Light where she captured the beauty and the rush of these majestic falls. Wow! The other day during a Reiki treatment in our ‘Sunshine Room’, however, I found myself mesmerized by an incredible closeup piece of the rib of a Titan Arum.

What’s a Titan Arum, you ask? It’s an extraordinary flower that can weigh up to 200lbs and is known to bloom for 24 hours once every decade. Tatyana has provided wonderful descriptions for each room so you can learn more about these exquisite pieces.

So come over and take a tour, dive into the colour and the magnificence and escape the winter blues. Oh, and for a really easy going price, you can even take home your favourite piece. That is, if I don’t beat you to it first. 🙂


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