Helen G
My posture has improved noticeably. I have had a problem with my sinuses for as long as I can remember. This also improved. I no longer take decongestive meds.
Pavitra E
In the short time I have been in her capable hands, I have felt a release of tension all the way from my neck region to my lower back, a release that has eased significantly the migraine headaches that I am prone to.
Fred A
What I really noticed with chiropractic care is the reduction in stress and the way I am handling it. I feel more relaxed and able to deal with stressful situations as they arise.
Eric M
My pain was completely gone within two weeks. I haven’t taken arthritis medication for 2 months. I also suffer from seasonal depression. I have been able to cut back the medication to ½. I attribute both of these things to the increased energy I have.

Everything seems to be working better. I am more active and mentally alert and I’m sleeping better as well. Coming to Source Centre was the most significant development in my overall health for many years.

Terry M
My neck discomfort and breathing have improved and continue to improve with this treatment.
Clare D
My lower back had a disc bulge which caused a lack of circulation in my legs, loss of bladder control and the inability to walk. It has been several months now and I feel and walk as though I was never involved in a car accident. I had been off work since August, 2005. By January 2006, I was able to return part time. Thank you for giving me back my BACK, WITHOUT SURGERY!!!
Treatment here has allowed me faster recovery time and more control and co-ordination to improve performance. I now find myself able to deal with problems/ issues in a much more relaxed and calm manner.
Catherine N
I read up on NSA and thought it was such a great alternative to the traditional western chiropractors. Since starting care I am able to use my breath and relax. I am able to be more regular in my bowel movements and I feel good overall. I feel most relaxed when I’m doing my NSA. I feel the week’s build-up of tension released- I am hooked!
Susan D
My body has responded to an MVA with consistent pain and inflammation- or fibromyalgia. NSA decreases pain and inflammation and helps me to clear my head of anxieties. I have tried many therapies and NSA is the only one that works for me. I started NSA because I had pain and was frustrated at my body, fibromyalgia, depression and anxiety. I have been under care for over 2 years and I am better able to cope with daily life, heal emotional issues, social interactions have increased. Family issues are starting to be resolved.
Alex G
I continue NSA care because I want to continue to grow, an essential part of physical/mental/ spiritual routine.