11 Tips to Make the Most of Winter

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The cold weather and holiday season is fast approaching. Picturing yourself in front of the fireplace? Wrapping yourself in warm blankets while holding a mug of hot chocolate? Have you imagined yourself skating at the ice rink or putting on the skis? To make the most of winter, try these 11 tips to stay healthy, energetic and connected.

1. Moisturize – we all know to moisturize our hands and face in the colder drier weather, but did you know to moisturize the inside of your nose? Moisturizing your nose with vaseline or another non-absorbing moisturizer can protect your nasal membranes and keep you from catching a cold virus.

2. Take Vitamin D – Unless you live below the 50th parallel, you don’t get enough sunshine from October to April to keep your Vitamin D in a healthy range. It’s safe to take 2000 IU daily of Vitamin D. It’s an important vitamin that is good for a healthy immune system, healthy bones, energy, and more. Read more about the health benefits here.

3. Take Vitamin C – I’ve caught the cold virus a number of times this year and was able to fight it off with high doses of Vitamin C. I’ve taken as much at 2500mg with each meal, 3 times a day just when I started to notice symptoms and have been able to bounce back overnight.

4. See your chiropractor – As the temperature dips, it’s more likely for our joints and muscles to ache. Chances are your nervous system is under stress too. Regular visits to a Network Spinal Analysis Chiropractor can do wonders to teach your body-mind to release tension and experience greater vitality.

5. Learn something new – Spending time outdoors may be scarce these days, so why not use the extra time to learn a new activity or skill? This is your chance to exercise your mind and body and prepare yourself for the new year.

6. Be with friends and family – Health is more than mind and body. It’s the quality of your friendships and family ties. Spend time celebrating the season with your loved ones and notice how alive you feel when you’re surrounded by those you love and those who love you back. Bonus points for meeting new people, making new friends or starting a new relationship!

7. Practice your faith – Do you believe in something greater? Ever wondered if you had a life purpose? Spending time in meditation, prayer or worship can be rejuvenating and help you with gain focus, direction and certainty in life.

8. Break a sweat – The colder months make it easier to stay inside and away from the gym. This is your chance to practice Tip #5 Learn something new. Make this season your opportunity to have a new winter activity or sport. Maybe it’s living room yoga? Perhaps it’s your existing outdoor activity but with a twist…

9. Bundle up and Layer up – If this is your very first winter of outdoor physical activity, consider an investment in warm clothing. Modern day outdoor active wear has really made it possible to manage heat, cold and moisture while you move around!

10. Breathe – The holidays can be a stressful time of year. Somato Respiratory Integration is an effective way to breathe mindfully and get connected to the peace and strength within. It’s easy to learn and can quickly bring down tension and stress.

11. Enjoy the change – How monotonous would it be if we had no change in seasons? I don’t know about you, but I like bringing out the warmer sweaters, boots and scarves. You wouldn’t want to wear the same clothes all the time, so why would want the same weather all the time? The changes in the seasons is a great chance for us to experience a different way of living and a different dimensions of ourselves.

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